Poecile carolinensis

Status:  No accepted records.

Taxonomy: The genus Poecile, previously a sub-genus within Parus, was raised to generic status by Banks et al (1997) based on genetic studies by Gill et al (2005) and Slikas et al (1996).

There are four subspecies recognized, nearest to Nebraska atricapilloides of southern Kansas to central Texas (Pyle 1997).

Comments:  There are three reports, none convincingly documented. A recording which cannot now be located was made of a call in Fontenelle Forest, Sarpy Co 5 Feb 1969 (Bray et al 1986, Silcock 1995). Two birds banded 16 Jul 1974 in Fontenelle Forest were identified as this species (Diggs and Diggs 1974), but the report was rejected by the NOURC due to “lack of specific measurements” and failure to eliminate “immature, worn, or molting Black-capped Chickadees” (Grenon 1991). A bird singing a four-part song was listened to carefully at Arbor Day Farm, Otoe Co, 24 Mar 1995, but plumage characters could not be discerned (Silcock 1995).

Carolina Chickadee is sedentary in Kansas (Thompson et al 2011) and Missouri (Robbins 2018; the nearest Carolina Chickadee range is about 200 miles from Nebraska in west-central Missouri (Robbins 2018) and southeast Kansas (Thompson et al 2011).


NOURC: Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee

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Silcock, W.R., and J.G. Jorgensen. 2020.  Carolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis). In Birds of Nebraska — Online. www.BirdsofNebraska.org

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