Pagophila eburnea

Status:  No accepted records.

Taxonomy: No subspecies are recognized.

CommentsA report of an adult seen briefly 12 Oct 1986 in Antelope Co (Marsh and Marsh 1986) was not accepted by the NOURC (Mollhoff 1987). It was described as a “white gull” with “black legs and feet and a black bill”; “while the tip of the beak did not show yellow, it was light colored”. The bird was viewed at one hundred yards for three minutes while it stood in a “new short green growth rye field”.  Non-acceptance by the NOURC was based on the possibility of a leucistic gull of another species and the early date relative to other interior Ivory Gull records, especially adults (Mollhoff 1987).

The only records from surrounding states are for Colorado 2 Jan 1926 (Andrews and Righter 1992), Iowa 20 Dec 1975 and 20 Dec-1 Jan 1990-91 (Kent and Dinsmore 1996), and South Dakota 16-23 Feb 2008 (eBird.org, accessed December 2017).


NOURC: Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee

Literature Cited

Marsh, E., and B. Marsh. 1986. Ivory Gull. NBR 54: 70.

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