Aix galericulata

Status:  No accepted records.

Taxonomy: No subspecies recognized.

Comments:  A free-flying, unmarked male was found at Pier Park, Grand Island, Hall Co 14 Dec 2011 and apparently wintered there, with sightings through 29 Feb 2012; a female was present 21 Feb (Steve Morris, personal communication). Presumably the same unmarked individual male returned to winter at Pier Park 15 Dec 2012; it was in high plumage and seen and photographed through 16 Mar 2013. There was a single sighting of presumably the same bird 12 Jan 2014. Pier Park is a wintering site for Wood Ducks, with 10-20 wintering there each year.  Another male was photographed at Holmes Lake, Lancaster Co around 17 Dec 2017, and one shot by a hunter in 2010 showed no signs of having been in captivity.

A long-standing (20+ years) breeding population exists in Pueblo Co, Colorado (Dave Ely, personal communication), a possible source population for the Pier Park birds. There are also feral populations in Sonoma County, California and Black Mountain, North Carolina. One was photographed at Iowa City, Iowa 21 May 2013; it had been present “a couple of weeks”.


Photograph (top) of a Mandarin Duck at Pier Park, Grand Island, Hall County Feb 2013 by Tracy Utter.

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Birds of Nebraska – Online

Updated 2 Aug 2020