Xema sabini

Status:  Uncommon regular fall migrant statewide. Accidental in spring.

Documentation: Specimen: UNSM ZM6624, early Sep 1899 Lincoln, Lancaster Co (Swenk 1902).

Taxonomy: There are no subspecies generally recognized, although some authors recognize up to four (Howell and Dunn 2007; Pyle 2008).

Spring:  There is one record:

28 Mar 2009, Branched Oak Lake, Lancaster Co (Silcock 2009).

See Comments.

Fall:  Sep 11, 12, 12 <<<>>> Oct 16, 17, 18

Earlier dates are 15 Aug 2020 Scotts Bluff Co, 27 Aug 2006 at Lake Ogallala, Keith Co, 2 Sep 1899 Gage Co (below), 2 Sep 2014 Lancaster Co, 5 Sep 2013 Scotts Bluff Co, 7 Sep 2018 Keith Co, and 8 Sep 2000 Lake McConaughy, Keith Co.

Later dates are 20 Oct 2020 Capitol Beach Lake, Lancaster Co, 22-26 Oct 1995 Pawnee Lake, Lancaster Co (Brogie 1997), 23 Oct 2017 Lancaster Co, 23 Oct 2020 Branched Oak Lake, Lancaster Co, and a juvenile at Gavin’s Point Dam, Cedar Co 26 Oct-6 Nov 1996 (Brogie 1998).

Adults are rarely reported, with only 10 reports in the period 5 Sep-8 Oct; four of these reports were in a single year, 5-29 Sep 2013.

An immature was picked up exhausted 2 Sep 1899 in Gage Co, kept as a pet, and released about two weeks later (Swenk 1902).

  • High counts: 9 at North Platte NWR, Scotts Bluff Co 21 Sep 1997, 8 at Lake McConaughy, Keith Co 15 Sep 2001, 6-8 at Swanson Reservoir, Hitchcock Co 2 Oct 2020, and 7 at Lake McConaughy 17 Sep 2006.

Unprecedented influxes occurred in 1997 and 1998, with about 35 birds reported in the period 6 Sep-15 Oct 1997 and 32 birds 12 Sep-20 Oct 1998.

Comments: There are very few spring records from neighboring states, interestingly none from Iowa or Missouri (Robbins 2018; Kent and Dinsmore 1996), suggesting movement of only very small numbers in spring on the western Great Plains; documented records are in the period 31 Mar-31 May (Andrews and Righter 1992, Thompson et al 2011, Tallman et al 2002,, accessed December 2017).


NWR: National Wildlife Refuge
UNSM: University of Nebraska State Museum

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