Icterus parisorum

Status:  Rare casual summer visitor central.

Documentation:  Description: 20-24 Jun 1975 Hall Co (Stoppkotte 1975; Brogie 1998).

Taxonomy:  No subspecies are recognized (Pyle 1997).

Summer: There are seven reports, two, both adult males, acceptably documented:

20-24 Jun 1975 Hall Co (cited above)

29 Jun 2004 Buffalo Co (Brogie 2005).

The five additional unaccepted reports are: 10 May 2006 Saline Co, 31 May 1951 Adams Co, 17 and 25 Jun 1983 Chase Co (Pennington 1983; Brogie 1998), 18 Jun 1978 McPherson Co, and 2 Jul 1997 Hall Co (Brogie 1998), all of which fit the pattern of casual summer occurrence and possibly correct.  The 1975-1983 reports were in a period following a significant population expansion in western Colorado (Andrews and Righter 1992) and southwestern Wyoming (Scott 1993).

The Nebraska reports are somewhat later than those from eastern Colorado, Kansas, and Minnesota.  The seven eastern Colorado records are all in Apr-May (CBRC 2018), the single Kansas record was of a female collected in Morton Co 16 Apr 1977 (Thompson et al 2011), and the Minnesota record was of an immature male in Duluth from 23 May through mid-Jun 1974 (Janssen 1987). However, one wintered at a Wisconsin feeder Jan-Feb 1996 (Jaramillo and Burke 1999) and a male was in Ontario 9 Nov 1975 (Jaramillo and Burke 1999).

Comments:  Following the report of a Scott’s Oriole in 2006 (see above), several observers noted sightings of yellow Baltimore Orioles, including photos. It appears that orange pigments are diet-derived (Thomas et al 2014), and some orioles reaching our area may have experienced a deficiency of food items that produce yellow coloration.


CBRC: Colorado Bird Records Committee

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