Calidris acuminata

Status:  Rare casual fall migrant east and west.

Documentation: Description: 12 Oct 1986 Octavia, Butler Co (Kovanda and Kovanda 1986).

Taxonomy:  No subspecies are recognized.

Fall: There are four records, all of juveniles:

8 Sep 1994 Sheridan Co (Brogie 1998)

18-19 Sep 2002, Lake Minatare, Scotts Bluff Co (Brogie 2004, cited as Lake Alice, error by original observer)

6 Oct 2010, Cottonwood WPA, Phelps Co (Brogie 2011)

12 Oct 1986 Butler Co (cited above)

CommentsThere are 10 records from neighboring states; the seven Iowa records include the only regional spring record and one of few for interior North America, documented by B.J. Rose in Fremont Co 15 May 1994; the other six Iowa records are in the period 25 Sep-10 Nov (Kent and Dinsmore 1996, Iowa Ornithologists’ Union 2017). The three additional regional records include two from Colorado 4-28 Oct (CBRC 2017), and one for Wyoming 24 Oct 1975 (Faulkner 2010), possibly the same bird that was found in Colorado two days later.


CBRC: Colorado Bird Records Committee
WPA:  Waterfowl Production Area

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Silcock, W.R., and J.G. Jorgensen.  2020.  Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (Calidris acuminata). In Birds of Nebraska — Online.

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