Snow x Cackling Goose (hybrid)

Snow x Cackling Goose (hybrid)

Anser caerulescens x Branta hutchinsii

Status: Rare casual winter visitor west and west-central.

Records: There are 12 records, 20 Nov-26 Mar, most in the Panhandle but east to Keith and Lincoln Cos (, accessed Feb 2021). Most were associated with Cackling Geese.

Comments: There is discussion and several photographs of this hybrid at Bird Hybrids: Snow Goose x Cackling Goose. This is a naturally-occurring hybrid that can be extremely difficult to tell apart from Snow Goose x Canada Goose hybrids, or indeed Ross’s Goose x Canada/Cackling Goose hybrids (Bird Hybrids: Snow Goose x Cackling Goose).

Acknowledgements: Photograph (top) of one of two similar Snow x Cackling Goose hybrids near Minatare, Scotts Bluff Co 26 Mar 2020 by Steve Mlodinow. The grin patch and size larger than associating Cackling Geese (right center) but similar to associating Canada Geese (parvipes) (top left, right rear) are apparent.

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Silcock, W.R., and J.G. Jorgensen.  2021.  Snow x Cackling Goose (hybrid) (Anser caerulescens x Branta hutchinsii). In Birds of Nebraska — Online.

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