Anser cygnoides

Status:  No accepted records.

Taxonomy: No subspecies recognized.

CommentsFive were taken by hunters on 8 Dec 1984 in Keith Co (Cortelyou 1985), and another individual was at Funk WPA, Phelps Co, 4 Apr 1999. There are at least two reports of birds seen in parks since, including 12 Jan 2012 Westport Apartments, Douglas Co (eBird.org), and one photographed at Crystal Springs Park, Jefferson Co 18 Oct 2018. These were certainly escaped or released birds, as there is no pattern of vagrancy of wild individuals of this declining species into North America from the Asian range (Wright 1985, Madge and Burn 1988).  Individuals of this species are also commonly kept in captivity (Wright 1985).


WPA: Waterfowl Production Area (Federal)


Photograph (top) of a Swan Goose at Crystal Springs Park, Jefferson Co 18 Oct 2018 by Joel G. Jorgensen.

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Silcock, W.R., and J.G. Jorgensen.  2020.  Swan Goose (Anser sygnoides). In Birds of Nebraska — Online. www.BirdsofNebraska.org

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