Sialia mexicana

Status:  No accepted records.

Taxonomy:  Six subspecies are recognized (Pyle 1997), three in Mexico and these north of Mexico: occidentalis, breeding from southern British Columbia to south-central Montana and south to southern California and Nevada, wintering to southern New Mexico, bairdii, breeding from central Utah to central Colorado and south to southern Arizona and southwest New Mexico, wintering to south Texas, and jacoti, resident in southeast New Mexico and southwest Texas.

Comments:  There are at least seven published reports (Bray et al 1986), none acceptably documented.  There are three spring reports. Two  in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff Co 9 May 2002 (Brogie 2003), 11 April 1964 Dawes Co (Gates 1964), and 19-20 May 1972 Cherry Co (Cortelyou 1972). There are four fall reports.  One of a group  21-26 Aug 1963 in Webster Co was identified as this species by “the brown patch across the back of one of a group when in flight” (Turner 1964, Pruess 1964). Aughey watched one in Aug feeding along the Niobrara River about seven miles from its mouth in Knox Co (Bruner et al 1904); the same observer reported it as “abundant” in Otoe Co, an observation considered extremely unlikely (Sharpe 1993). A description of two at Wildcat Hills NC, Scotts Bluff Co 25 Oct 2018 was not accepted by NOURC due to insufficient detail (Brogie 2019). There are two other fall reports, neither with details: 5 Oct 1959 Webster Co and 19 Oct 1968 Scotts Bluff Co.

A report of “hundreds” along the Platte River near Benedict, Polk Co in fall 1980 (Williams 1981) almost certainly refers to Eastern Bluebirds.

There are four confirmed reports from Kansas 23 Mar and 5 Nov-16 Dec; the authors considered this species over-reported in Kansas (Thompson et al 2011). In Wyoming this species is a “very rare summer resident”, with two acceptable records in the west (Faulkner 2010). South Dakota has two records, in May and Jun (Tallman et al (2002). Andrews and Righter (1992) cited about 12 records on the northeastern Colorado plains in the periods Mar-Apr and Oct-Nov.

It is likely that fall may be the best time to look for this species in the western Panhandle, as the northern subspecies occidentalis breeds in the same area as Cassin’s Vireo and Townsend’s Warbler, both regular fall migrants in western Nebraska. However, this is the “least migratory of the three bluebird species” (Dunn 1981, Guinan et al 2020).

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Silcock, W.R., and J.G. Jorgensen.  2020.  Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana). In Birds of Nebraska — Online. www.BirdsofNebraska.org

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