Eudocimus albus albus

Status:   Rare casual summer visitor central.

Documentation:  Photograph: 5 Jul 1999 Kissinger Basin WPA, Clay Co.

Taxonomy: There are two subspecies, albus of the southeast United States and Caribbean, and newly-named ramobustorum of northern South America; the latter was erected for South America populations formerly considered conspecific with E. ruber, Scarlet Ibis prior to the split of the latter (Gill and Donsker 2017). Nebraska reports are presumed albus.

Summer: There are four, possibly only three, documented records:

4-25 Jul 1999 immature Kissinger Basin WMA, Clay Co (Jorgensen 2001, 2004)

17 May 2000 adult Lake Ogallala, Keith Co (Brown and Brown 2001; Jorgensen 2002)

9 Aug 2001 immature Funk WPA, Phelps Co (Jorgensen 2003)

12-19 Aug 2001 immature Johnson WPA, Phelps Co (Jorgensen 2003).

The single first-year birds at Funk WPA 9 Aug 2001 and at Johnson WPA, Phelps Co, 12-19 Aug 2001 (Jeff Drahota, pers. comm., Jorgensen 2003) were possibly the same individual.

Two additional reports are likely correct but lack extant documentation. One was observed 12-19 Jun 1916 at Inland Lagoon, Clay Co; the observer “was close enough to be sure” of the identification (Brooking, Notes), but no details were provided. This report was accepted by Jorgensen (2004). Another was filmed by Karl Menzel during its stay in Rock Co 1-19 Aug 1963; although Paul Johnsgard viewed the film and confirmed Menzel’s identification of a juvenile (Menzel 1964), the film cannot now be located (Bray et al 1986).

White Ibises reaching Nebraska are probably post-breeding dispersers from southern United States populations; stragglers have reached southern Canada.


WMA:  Wildlife Management Area (State)
WPA: Waterfowl Production Area (Federal)


Photograph (top) of a immature White Ibis at Kissinger Basin WMA, Clay Co 5 Jul 1997 by Joel G. Jorgensen.

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