Vireo flavoviridis

Status:  No accepted records.

Taxonomy:  Five subspecies are recognized, three in Mexico and Central America, and two reaching the USA: hypoleucus, a vagrant to California and Arizona, and flavoviridis, breeding in south Texas, and a vagrant to west Texas and Florida (Pyle 1997).

Comments:  A bird identified as a Yellow-green Vireo was reportedly collected at Long Pine, Brown Co by J.M. Bates (no date given) and sent to UNSM (Barbour 1896). This specimen cannot be located, however (Thomas Labedz, personal communication), and seems likely to have been in fact a Philadelphia Vireo.

This is a strongly migratory species, and so it is not inconceivable that an overshoot migrant might appear on the Great Plains. There is only one record, that for Baca Co, Colorado Jun 2019 (eBird.org), north of southwestern Louisiana, central Texas, southeastern New Mexico, and southern Arizona (AOU 1998).


UNSM: University of Nebraska State Museum

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